Hoping someone can help me out here.  I am working with a skeptic organization to organize an event and we are having difficulty finding an appropriate venue.


We need a free or cheap space for roughly 30 -40 people.  Part of the event is a demonstration involving food that is from a very specialized menu so we want to bring in our own food.  We'd like to have alcohol available as well.


Most of the places I've found have a room charge of $500 or more OR require that we purchase from their menu or contracted caterer which is not really an option. 


Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks, all!


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I might suggest The Charnel House.  Located in Logan Square, it's an ex-funeral home that is now a multimedia arts building.  I've done a few shows there and like Billy and Vicky, the owners, a great deal.


The Charnel House Chicago


I'm not sure by your description if you want to PREPARE food at the venue and, if so, what you'd need to prepare the food.  If you need a full-on kitchen, then this venue would not be for you.  However, if you need something that's intimate, unique and pretty affordable, this is a good spot.

Thanks, Vincent!  I believe most of our food prep will be done prior to the event.  I am checking them out right now.  Appreciate the suggestion!

Just wondering, what ended up being a good venue for that size/type of meetup?


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