Are there any Chicago public schools that do not use "under God" in their pledges of allegiance?  Or are there any schools that might be considered "freethought friendly?"  My wife is four months pregnant and, while I intend to allow my child to believe as s/he chooses, I suspect since both my wife & I are atheists, that the child will have a similar outlook.  That being said, I'm curious to know how atheist parents handle raising a godless child in a world that's full of faith.

Any struggles with the child's peers (or even their teachers)?  Any typical questions we should expect from our child?  Any good books to read?

Any tips or advice for some soon-to-be parents?

Christian J Brooks
Chicago Atheists & Agnostics

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Hello Christian, glad to have joined the group. That being said my situation is different. My son attends a Catholic school in NY and I live in Chicago. I make it a point to dicsuss science and theory with him when we get the chance. He's only seven yet grasps things quite well. I would say just make sure you spend quality time with your child to even and break down the God programming that will go on in their lives.
I thought the books Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers were great tools to help me prepare for my daughter entering the world at large.




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