I am joining this flock of unbelievers even though I know for sure that the real truth is held not by "The Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster" or FSM, but the holder of the real truth is "The Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster - Norse" or FSM-N that has found out that the diminishing number of pirates is not the cause of all modern ills as FSM claims, but the real reason is the diminishing number of Vikings. This was found out simply by reading the Holy Scriptures more carefully.
If you know Finnish language, you can read more about this serious old schism at http://uskoitseesi.blogs.fi/2007/10/21/oikean_uskon_puolesta~3169980
You unbelievers may still repent and you can find the real meaning of life that is offered only by FSM-N and not by the lying bastads of FSM.

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HERESY! Repent heathen or the Mighty Noodle Appendage will smite you!
You might laugh at us, you might threaten us, but we will stand firm our belief in FSM-N. In fact our belief will grow stronger every moment.
However if the the unrepentent heretics ja liars in The Church of the Flying Monster (FSM) would only accept the self-evident global leadership-position of The Church of the Flying Monster - Norse (FSM-N), we might consider things anew and our differences could be forgotten.
Until that goal is achieved, we at FSM-N would never never even dream of socializing with the heretics and liars of the FSM.
"Until that goal is achieved, we at FSM-N would never never even dream of socializing with the heretics and liars of the FSM."

ummm I hate to point out the obvious, but this is a form of socializing..

I am a tolerant believer of FSM, and I would like you to know that your comments are welcome here, dispite our differences in belief.

P.S. It was personally revealed to me that FSM is the true path to salvation... or maybe it was salivation... It was dark, and hard to read the writing in the pasta..
Oh what insults we believers of the Only Available Truth must endure day after day from these heretics. Now you are accusing me of socializing with heretics which is clearly a lie, as I am only converting you to the Only Real Faith.
Wonderful! I love a person who is active in recruiting for their religion.. but.. umm.. you haven't given me reasons to convert.
Oh that actually makes sense, thanks for enlightening my mind stomach.
I simply knew it, these splinter groups start to appear as soon as the Only True Way is revealed to you personally.
The Only True Way was revealed in The Gospel of The Flying Spaghetti Monster. Now repent or the council of elders will condemn you to the eternal torture of diet soy sauce on noodles.
No, not the soy sauce!

Okey, okey, I am open to negotiations; can we share the market 70-30? (FSM-N gets the 70, of course)

Of course we Holders of The Only Truth would not dream of anything else than total and absolute victory for the Only Possible Way of Thinking, but sometimes you simply have to compromise...
Crusade on the Infidels! May the Original Recipe prevail!
Oh, you people are all being silly. It's quite obvious to me that Vikings are simply older ancestors of Pirates. What are Vikings reputed for doing? Sailing, raping, pillaging, drinking... What are Pirates reputed for doing? Sailing, raping, pillaging, drinking... I don't see the problem.

Let's all just get together over a nice hot serving of His Noodly Goodness and a pint or two of whatever form of "grog" you prefer, and realize that we're all servants of the same Starchy Master.
Ah, a call for ecumenism! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ecumenism)
It has been tried for centuries without much success in the Christian churches and I don't think that it will take hold here, as the differences are simply too great.
You are simply wholly missing the point here; the important thing is not that the Vikings and Pirates are of course the same thing as you suggest.
The important thing here is that using a heretic word like Pirate deeply hurts the deepest religious feelings of the followers of the FSM-N, as we know that the Only and Real Truth was revealed to only us and only word we can ever use is Viking.
As this Real and Only Truth was revealed to us by reading the Holy Scriptures, it is not a negotiable position.




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