Pastafarianism is Not a Legally Recognized Religion in the U.S.

Nebraska court rules that Pastafarianism is more satire than religion.

The Nebraska ruling is a small setback as the movement expands its noodly reach.

Unfortunately for Nebraska inmate Stephen Cavanaugh, a U.S. District judge ruled this week that his religion of choice, Pastafarianism (also known as, and referred to in court documents, as FSMism) does not qualify for Constitutional protection.

... prison officials—and later, the court—not unreasonably determined that Pastafarianism is more satire than religion, and denied Cavanaugh such religious practices as wearing a pirate costume instead of his prison jumpsuit.


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As a Nebraskan I went through many days of sulking after that happened here. I would also like to know how that judge didn't know that it was a recognized religion in both New Zealand and Netherlands. Also, Australia has a group that is trying to get it recognized.


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