I made a couple of giant Jack Skellington dolls that were about 9 feet tall to amuse kids with on Halloween. I used long skinny pieces of wood from Ace hardware, a staple gun, a sewing machine, and some other stuff. I was wondering how a pirate would make an idol of our noodly master using readily available materials. I suppose it would depend on the size of the thing and what you use it for. I would start with some kind of a stuffed circular base on a stick or a giant disc (plate). Then, I would make the meat balls out of two stuffed balls of fabric. Then, I would glue some kind of lumps all over those stuffed balls with fabri-tac fabric glue. I would spray paint them copper and add black antiquing to make a meaty effect. Then, I would get some kind of ropes or hoses. I would spray paint the ropes and the body spaghetti color. The hard part would be making the ropes and eyes stick to our starchy saviour.
I would stick it all together. and then spray paint it with clear paint to fix the noodles in their shape and keep out dirt. I have no idea what a person would do with a giant FSM, and I'm not saying that I will make one. I'm just exploring the possibility. Maybe this chat will inspire one of you to make one. It might be funny to make a medium sized fsm on a stick and use it to chase kids around on Halloween. Just make sure you don't chase them into traffic.

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