Ryan Ashmore submits:

"I have been instructed by the FSM to create a new spring holiday.

It shall be called Feaster, and it shall occur according to the Holy
Feaster Algorithm:
1) Add 75 to the Common Era year for which you wish to find the date
of Feaster; e.g., for 2009 the result is 2084.
2) Lop off the first two numbers of the result and subtract by one.
This is called the Divine Divisor; e.g. for 2084, or in fact any
result between 2000 and 2099, the Divine Divisor is 19.
3) Divide the original result by the Divine Divisor and discard any
remainder; e.g., 2083 / 19 = 109.
4) The date of Feaster will then occur on the closest Friday to the
109th day of the year, in the year 2009, which happens to be April 17,

This is the True Date of Feaster, although Feaster may be celebrated
during the Spring on the day when those participating feel the
strongest pull of His Noodly Appendage.

The faithful must dress as pirates and celebrate by preparing a
spaghetti feast that they might eat of His Noodly Appendage(s).

They shall then hide "meatballs" (footbags), decorated festively in
basil green and tomato red, around the house or yard and send children
out to hunt for them. Once found the children should invent saucy ways
to play with them."

Here is a source of blank footbags for decorating: http://tinyurl.com/6fxvoj

Richard Hendricks adds:

"Alternately, they may hide tiny pirate chests full of booty and give
participants maps leading to some of them, while others remain secret.
Chests should either be hidden in plain sight, or buried under a
clearly marked X."

Toy treasure chests: http://tinyurl.com/5fhs8m
Chocolate coins: http://tinyurl.com/6l9eve or http://tinyurl.com/69fwp8

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Arrr! Hunting for chocolate meatballs - what better way is there for children to spend their spring break?
I'll need to make some kids ASAP!

... How does one do that?




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