Hey all,

I'm animation and film student up in Vancouver BC, currently working on a project with a number of other students called "The White Rabbit Revolution". Its final goal is to create a feature length animated movie showing many of the world problems ranging from human rights, environmental abuse and out of control religions. A tribute to many of the revolutionary animation films of the 1970's.

To help with the writing process, and perhaps bring people together to read up on the subject. I'm hoping to get a few bloggers and you-tubers to contribute entries directly to the blog were setting up. This would either through their own bloggers account, or by sending me the best of their own blog entries on any subjects that might benefit. Were even looking for small stories of experiences to write into the script. If there is anybody here who has a bit of built up, revolution driven spirit, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me through my account here.

Jeremy Milne


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Have U finished school?


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