Hi, I'm Jared. I live in Bonny Doon; a small community within Santa Cruz County. I like cats, anti religious jokes, sci-fi, and slack. As a pseudo intellectual, I also like to study pseudo science and the kooks that spread it. ie. Scientology, Bermuda Triangle lore, perpetual motion machines....

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Wow, this group could be home base for me LOL I am a brain damaged X genius with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. I love sci-fi/fantasy, bunking and debunking ...oh hey, it's all in the abstract thinking capability. I think many grandiose thoughts but no longer have the capability to express them. I'm better with essay questions such as " Share alittle about yourself ". I am a certified pathological truth teller and can annoy just about everyone with this wonderful gift. I have conspiracy theories coming out of my ears. Got a Q-tip ?
Hi Krystal,

Welcome to the SubGenius Atheists,
Where low expectations are the recipe for daily fulfillment!
Please feel free to start a thread, make a comment, or tell the truth about something profound....or not.



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