Is the lack of civil rights the lack of people not caring to be civil?  Our government is built on civility on all matters except for those that don't matter to the people.  It seems that what matters to America the most is a lot of money to dominate all and if it fails, well then war is the answer.  Caring for people without money and power is meaningless.  Is this why we have very week common civil liberties that are unbiased by class.  There is no law and order for the poor, the weak, and the mentally handicapped.  There is no law or justice for those who need protection but can not gain the social status of the upper salary society.  Who will say, " I will join you in voicing the wrongs of civil neglect on the common folk?

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I take it your talking about the USA? The country was founded on some good ideas, but currently the USA is most certainly not a republic - but a corporatist, oligarchic, soon to be openly fascist, state. The country is now run for the top .01% by the top .01%. I live in Canada and to be honest I don't know much about the legal system or what my 'rights' are, but they are certainly weaker on paper than those in the US.
Weaker???? Please explain if you can.  I would like to learn about your views of being Canadian.  Maybe we could teach each other something.
Canada never had a revolution declaring rights of the people - people are considered subjects of the crown not citizens, that's why on paper people have fewer right's and freedoms than in the USA, hence 'weaker.' But again, to be honest I don't know much about Canada's legal system.

Do you feel like you have rights and freedoms that you deserve?

That statement was meant to show the lack of our civil liberties and the weakness of our societies protection for those less fortunate.  I agree the government should do a better job and so should our general society. 
Also, thanks for helping.  I know there are some who do a lot to help and I know that there are efforts to improve the lives of the less fortunate.  I hope that it becomes more prevalent.




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