I sometimes like to think I have a way with words here and there.  Today, having learned of the death of Christopher Hitchens, I find the words coming in fits and starts, but any attempt at giving proper tribute to that man with my meager voice is simply not working, or at least not well enough to satisfy me and do justice to him.

So allow me to press the following into service, as a lament and expression of grief for this loss, as well as an appreciation

Thank you, Christopher....

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I'm not gay but I loved the guy.  I used to listen to a podcast of his reading God Is Not Great as I went to sleep.  He had a very melifluous voice. 

I think his greatest legacy will be the thought that religion has stifled human development so we're still in adolescent stages. 



I think we're way too young on the curve to have any idea of the full impact that Christopher Hitchens will have, on individuals or on atheism.  I AM convinced that said influence, in the long term and even in the short term, will be adjudged to be MONUMENTAL!


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