Oil Companies Are Quietly Killing Clean Energy Laws Around the Country


... drafts “model bills” and then shares them directly with state legislators, who sometimes use the very text of said bills in those that they submit to the statehouse. Influential corporate execs are literally writing laws. And now they’ve set about pushing a platform that erases clean energy progress states may have made. They’re pushing a “model” bill called the “Electricity Freedom Act” that does away with the renewable energy portfolios currently in place in many states; those that require a certain percentage of power be generated from clean sources. [emphasis mine]

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This is a prime example of UNELECTED CORPORATE GOVERNMENT -- awareness of which needs to be spread far and wide.

Framing matters!

Jill Klaussen discusses Prof. George Lakoff's work on how conservatives have been using language to dominate politics -- and how rebuttals that use the same terms actually reinforce them.

5 Words and Phrases Democrats Should Never Say Again - and what to replace them with


(There's a parallel here with Ruth Anthony-Gardner's argument here on A/N that focusing on aspects and teachings of religions, even to repudiate them, reinforces them. Better to free up the brain space for positive, reality-based ideas.)




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