Amsterdam goes green with electric scooter taxis

Dutch public transport, including trams, trains and buses, is generally considered reliable and efficient, but these services ... aren't available throughout the oldest parts of Amsterdam's city centre,...

Beugels, who calls the scooters a "new form of public transport," says they will help bridge the gap between using public transport and getting to your final destination, or that last kilometre, right to the doorstep.

The scooters are high-tech, kitted out with navigation and tracking systems by the Dutch firm TomTom and a Samsung smartphone which is locked into the dash...

The electric scooters drive at a maximum speed of 25 km/h and can go 130 km on a fully charged electric battery. Hopper's main garage, replete with 100 scooters to start, crouches between TomTom HQ and Amsterdam's central train station.

... the Amsterdam Hoppers are noiseless and non-polluting ... [em[hasis mine]

It sounds green, but an airport passenger with luggage wouldn't be able to use a little scooter with no place for parcels. Also, if you're obese I can't imagine you fitting into that little seat behind the driver. And parents with a child in tow are right out. I think a scooter with a generous side car would make more sense.

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