You've heard that climate change will make crops less nutritious and reduce yields due to drought, wild weather, and flooding. On top of that, insect damage is due to skyrocket.

"First, warmer temperatures increase insect metabolic rates exponentially. Second, with the exception of the tropics, warmer temperatures will increase the reproductive rates of insects. You have more insects, and they're eating more."

For a 2-degree Celsius rise in global mean surface temperatures, their model predicts that median losses in yield due to insect activity would be 31 percent for corn, 19 percent for rice and 46 percent for wheat.

Climate change projected to boost insect activity and crop loss, re...

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Nothing to worry about! Monsanto to the rescue! They'll just sell the world's farmers lots and lots of new improved insecticide (at absolutely no risk to humans, pets, livestock, pollinators, or other living things, as proven by the best regulatory agencies money can buy!), and lots and lots of new improved insecticide-resistant Roundup-Ready seed, and extort farmers into buying seed again year after year. No problem! /s




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