Drought Now Covers 100% of California

In the US, much fresh produce has come from California. It's now in 100% drought.

While precipitation in the northern Sierras is running at 60 percent of normal, the snowpack is sitting at 13 percent of normal in the northern Sierras and 22 percent statewide. It's melting quickly, too, thanks to hotter than normal temperatures.

A UK supermarket chain is the first to examine the impact of climate chain on it's produce supply chain.

... the first attempt by a food retailer to put hard figures against the impacts global warming will have on the food it buys from across the world.

95% of the entire fresh produce range sold by Asda is already at risk from climate change, according to a groundbreaking study by the supermarket giant.

"Major retailers must wake up to the enormous climate change threat to food supplies ...

Asda: 95% of our fresh produce is already at risk from climate change

For now, supermarkets can replace one supplier with others from places not yet devastated by Climate Destabilization. Prices will go up, as countries compete for dwindling supplies.

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The current map of exceptional drought is much worse. Some communities are going dry.

Drought leaves California homes without water

Hundreds of rural San Joaquin Valley residents no longer can get drinking water from their home faucets because California's extreme drought has dried up their individual wells, government officials and community groups said.The situation has become so dire that the Tulare County Office of Emergency Services had 12-gallon-per person rations of bottled water delivered on Friday in East Porterville, where at least 182 of the 1,400 households have reported having no or not enough water,...

East Porterville resident Angelica Gallegos fought back tears as she described being without water for four months in the home she shares with her husband, three children and two other adults.

... some residents have been reluctant to speak up about being waterless because they are afraid their landlords will evict them or social workers will take their children away, ...

The California snowpack is now at 0% of normal.

This drought is biting hard. It is hard to see what can possibly be done to relieve or reverse it. Water shortages have historically been the demise of many civilisations.

Drought predictions for this Winter in the US from NOAA.

El Niño Lifts Odds of Wetter South, Drier North This Winter




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