Minda Berbeco argues that disillusion isn't acknowledging Climate Change, as it seems, but a lazy emotionally immature form of Climate Denial.

Climate Change and Disillusionment: It, like, totally sucks, dude

One of the overlooked effects of climate change on people, though, is disillusionment. The reality is that climate change is hereand man, that is depressing.

It’s just not hip anymoreto be a climate denier. But as a child of the 90’s, I know that there is nothing more hip then disillusionment.

Disillusionment is deep, it’s thoughtful, it’s all through literature and it is a clever new way to deny climate change. “Yeah, it’s here, man, but we are sooooo screwed” (long drag of cigarette, swig of whiskey) “Pass the steak.”

So, the question is, when there is every reason in the world to be disillusioned, how can you possibly find hope? And this is where your adult self needs to fight your 15-year-old self. Yeah, 15-year-old disillusioned you may have ditched school or dyed your hair purple or told off your folks – and when confronted you may have been like many other 15-year-olds who scoffed and said, “like, whatever man” (or your generation’s equivalent).

But you don’t get to do that anymore. Disillusionment is just another form of climate denial. It’s more insidious than other forms though, because it presents itself as more thoughtful and deep (people idealize the abusive alcoholic Bukowski for a reason). But I argue this is the laziest form of climate denial – it requires no research, no intuition, no special degrees or corporate sponsors and no attacks on researchers — it’s so boring. All you have to do is lay back and let the world turn.

And sure, you could live your life this way, but if I could call back my own disillusioned 15-year-old self to comment, she would roll her eyes at you, slouch down in her chair, take a long drag off of a Black Death Cigarette and scoff, “that is like, so lame.”

You’re not 15 anymore. Step it up people, the world is depending on you. [emphasis mine]

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Many people are in denial about the issues - many issues in fact. Climate change is one of the issues ignored.




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