Methane hydrates melting in the Arctic Ocean and Ebola ravaging West Africa - you probably see them as two news stories competing for your attention. Wrong! They're both overpopulation-driven Climate Destabilization pushing us toward chaos.

Overpopulation has always been the underlying cause of Climate Change that we're afraid to address. We've known for decades that out-of-control human populations, who've eliminated predators, eventually crash badly due to starvation, war, or epidemic disease. Emerging diseases from hungry people eating wild animals, overcrowded slums with no sanitation or health care infrastructure, that's OVERPOPULATION. This is a global problem, not a West African problem.

The hubris of people in US, imagining we're unaffected by events in the Arctic and Africa, which we cause in part, astonishes me.

We humans push, nature pushes back. Nature responds to violation in many ways,often at once.

image source(captions mine)

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Overpopulation has always been the underlying cause ...

That can never be repeated enough!!

Of course, primitive-brain urges and religious teachings of a "god-given" "right" to conceive as many children as possible don't help!  (Neither do some religions' hostility towards one of the great public-health and human survival triumphs of the 20th century -- the ability to enjoy the incomparable bonding and pleasure of sex without making babies.)


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