As a senior citizen, I'd imagined that I wouldn't live to see 2 degree C rise. Now there's a chance I will, because it's coming faster. Remember that 2 degree rise means a global average, in which land temperatures very much exceed ocean temperatures.
Global CO2 emissions are now so high—in 2019, they hit a new record of forty-three billion metric tons—that ten more years of the same will be nothing short of cataclysmic. Unless emissions are reduced, and radically, a rise of two degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) will be pretty much unavoidable by 2030. [emphasis mine]

What Will Another Decade of Climate Crisis Bring?

BTW, Dec 24th 2019 saw surface melt of 15% of Antarctica. All-Time Record for Antarctic Ice-Melt over 24 Hr. Period Set on Ch...

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I'm thinking along the same lines, Ruth, it's scary. And I'm very happy that I never had children...

Thanks for explaining why a 2 degree rise is worse than it sounds!

"The Australian wildfires are 6,400 times the size of California's,..." 

This is how big Australia's wildfires actually are

"More than 1 billion animals are now thought to have been killed by the record-breaking wildfires in Australia,..."

Scientist estimates that more than a billion animals killed by Aust...

" “Climate change is making these disasters worse, and these disasters are making climate change worse,” says Gleick. "

Australia's Wildfires and Climate Change Are Making One Another Wor...

Emotionally, isn't this a step change? It's-coming-faster made real.

Had a wildfire soon that would kill a billion animals been predicted four months ago, frenzied "alarmist" insults would have flooded the airwaves. Media pundits would have roared with derision, snorted in contempt.




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