...according to articles in The Week and Pacific Standard:

... don't be fooled: Climate change will affect you. Here's a brief sampling of ways that warmer temperatures will suck the fun out of your life:

1. Your flights will be more turbulent
... computer simulations have discovered a link between warmer jet streams and clear-air turbulence ... amount of turbulence will roughly double by the year 2050 — and significantly increase in intensity.

2. Your ski vacation will be ruined
... more than half of the 103 ski resorts in the northeastern United States will not be able to maintain a 100-day season by the year 2039 ... But at least you'll still be able to hit the beaches and surf a few waves come summertime, right? Oh wait.

3. Your allergy symptoms will be way worse
... warmer temperatures are already causing common airborne allergens like ragweed and mold to thrive. Gesundheit.

4. You'll have a harder time getting drunk
Consuming alcohol — the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems — is about to get a tad more difficult ... Beer could become a commodity ... hop-growing regions in eastern Germany and central Slovenia are already having a harder time cultivating the crops necessary for their signature pilsners...

And from psmag.com, #5: Will Climate Change Wipe Out Surfing?

“The frequency where you have the exact right combination of tide, wind, and swell to make a classic surf day are going to be fewer and further between,” said David Revell ... On a long enough time frame ... some low tide spots, like Supertubes in Los Angeles County, could disappear completely.

... for the foreseeable future the overall effect of advancing seas is likely to be more destructive than constructive.

“Who knows where my kids and grandkids are going to be surfing [...] But I’m looking forward to some all-time swells.” He shakes his head. “Of course I feel like a philistine for saying it. Surfing is the least of anyone’s worries.”

(Read the full articles at theweek.com and psmag.com)

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