In 33 years, San Diego and Key West will be getting a 100 year flood every month while places in Hawaii will experience them every 2-3 days. 

Rare US floods to become the norm if emissions aren't cut, study warns

  • Princeton-Rutgers study finds sharp increase in risk of frequent deluges
  • ‘Many cities are behind the eight-ball in terms of preparing for flooding’

US coastal areas are set to be deluged by far more frequent and severe flooding events if greenhouse gas emissions aren’t slashed, with rare floods becoming the norm for places such as New York City, Seattle and San Diego, new research has found.

The study, undertaken by researchers from Princeton and Rutgers universities, found that along all of the US coastline, the average risk of a 100-year flood will increase 40-fold by 2050.

Such floods are statistically expected to occur only once every 100 years because of their severity, although this doesn’t mean these sort of floods never happen in consecutive years. The annual chance of such a flood is around 1%.

The research found that if emissions are not curbed, San Francisco and Seattle would both get a 100-year flood every year by 2050,...

<sigh> Of course now that the US is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords, it may come faster. Thank the GOP next time you vote! Especially since they're cutting funds for up to date flood maps and FEMA.

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Thank the GOP next time you vote!

Sign, 'BUT HER EMAILS', peeking out of a flooded streetI'll certainly "thank" the Greedy Old Party for successfully manufacturing vague, inchoate distrust of Hillary Clinton while excusing themselves for doing far worse things.

Naomi Klein points out that our current kleptocrat-in-chief, liar-in-chief Republican president* isn't an aberration; he's an apotheosis of naked corporate greed, whose "unpresidented" takeover of our government has been decades in the making. She also explains, and discusses how to resist, the corporate "shock doctrine" of repeatedly disorienting the public and grabbing more power, and writes about how to rebuild society:

Naomi Klein: Now let's fight back against the politics of fear

...we need, somehow, to fight defence and offence simultaneously – to resist the attacks of the present day and to still find space to build the future we need. In other words, the firmest of nos has to be accompanied by a bold and forward-looking yes – a plan for the future that is credible and captivating enough that a great many people will fight to see it realised, no matter the shocks and scare tactics thrown their way. No – to Trump, to France’s Marine Le Pen, to any number of xenophobic and hypernationalist parties on the rise the world over – may be what initially brings millions into the streets. But it is yes that will keep us in the fight.

Yes is the beacon in the coming storms that will prevent us from losing our way.

btw - credit to The Guardian for not putting articles behind a paywall, and not battling ad-blockers. Instead they politely ask for contributions at the bottom of articles. That successfully prompted me to send some money.

Hi Ruth,

How is this possible?...The Great Flood is still receding. Andrew A. Snelling saz so.......


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