The words we use and the images they evoke shape public comprehension of Catastrophic Climate Destabilization's immanence. Here are a few terms from the past few days. It's a tiny beginning.

 'catastrophic climate destabilization'

from Why Informing Younger Generations About Climate Change is Key

cataclysmic climate change

climate change ''departure'' - that's when temperatures move permanently outside the limits of historic precedents, ...

from Climate change ship heads into uncharted waters

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sea level rise ‘Locking In’

from Sea Level Rise ‘Locking In’ Quickly, Cities Threatened

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This is very good information Ruth - I am trying to learn more about this

Carbon bubble

Gore ...., referring to investment in fossil fuels as a "carbon bubble."

from Al Gore Draws Parallels Between Budget Crisis And Climate Change De...

Carbon bubble is one of the best new ways to frame the economic side of Climate Destabilization.

Thanks, Steph. I wish everyone was as interested in the language of this issue. Most people don't even realize that the phrases they use to think about a problem molds their understanding of it.

subprime carbon assets

from Al Gore On Solving The Climate Crisis: ‘You’re Damn Right I’m Passi...


“Now we have, on the books of the large, public multinational energy companies, $7 trillion of subprime carbon assets,” he said. “Their valuation is based on an assumption that is even more ridiculous and absurd than the assumption that these people that couldn’t make a downpayment or monthly payments were good risks for home mortgages. The assumption is that those $7 trillion can be sold and burned.”

I think people will "get" this framing, because we've all lived through the subprime mortgage bubble's crash.

image source

As another cartoon put it, "What do you mean, the ship is sinking? My end just rose!"

Climate Change Preparedness

Is It Too Late to Prepare for Climate Change?

President Obama issued an executive order titled “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change.”

Promoting “preparedness” is doubtless a good idea. As the executive order notes, climate impacts—which include, but are not limited to, heat waves, heavier downpours, and an increase in the number and intensity of wildfires—are “already affecting communities, natural resources, ecosystems, economies, and public health across the Nation.” However, one of the dangers of this enterprise is that it tends to presuppose, in a Boy Scout-ish sort of way, that “preparedness” is possible.

As we merrily roll along, radically altering the planet, we are, as the leaked I.P.C.C. report makes clear, increasingly in danger of committing ourselves to outcomes that will simply overwhelm societies’ ability to adapt. Certainly they will overwhelm the abilities of frogs and trees and birds to adapt. Thus, any genuine “preparedness” strategy must include averting those eventualities for which preparation is impossible. [emphasis mine]

Saying, "Let's be prepared for climate change." invokes the mindset of "normal" change, for which we can prepare, not the planet turning into an uninhabitable Eaarth. This phrase is a covert form of climate change denial.

Andrea Büring: "… beyond a certain global warming tipping point, we will be sucked into an unstoppable vortex of more monstrous heatwaves, droughts, storms and rising seas." [emphasis mine]

Climate change means ‘disastrous new world’, Greenpeace notes UN ta...

Climate Rebellion

Michael Klare:

“few governments are as yet prepared to launch the sorts of efforts that might even begin to effectively address the peril of climate change, they will increasingly be seen as obstacles to essential action and so as entities that need to be removed. In short, climate rebellion.” [emphasis mine]

The Government Scandal That Shows the People Have to Take Radical A...

The Warsaw talks fiasco has radicalized people who take Climate Destabilization seriously. It's become obvious that the economic and political structures in power will wipe us out.

sad news that climate change is not taken seriously and people who believe there needs to be change are considered "radicals"

Carbon-Combustion Complex

Their 24th-century historian identifies the "carbon combustion complex": a self-sustaining global network of powerful industries that includes fossil fuel producers, energy companies and manufacturers reliant on cheap energy, but also road builders, banks and PR firms.

But it’s important to realise this isn’t an obvious conspiracy,” says Oreskes. “And it’s not the fact that they are coordinated that is nefarious, it’s the ends to which they put that coordination: confusion, disinformation and potentially fraud, to stop action on a serious, real problem that potentially effects all of our lives.”

Climate change: historians will look back and ask 'why didn't they ...

Media framing for Climate Change heat going deep into the oceans is insane! Consider Global warming slowdown 'could last another decade', for example.

But since the year 2000, the heat has been going deeper, and the world's overall temperatures haven't risen beyond the record set in 1998.

Exactly how does "the world's overall temperature" NOT include ocean heat for a water world such as Earth? BBC ignorance on the nature of our planet is incomprehensible.

Robert Scribbler's framing of Obama's climate change policy impressed me. He decries Obama's support for some helpful climate policies, while pursuing others that support further fossil fuel investment. He doesn't mention that the pro-fossil fuel extraction policies far outweigh whatever carbon footprint reduction might result from the helpful policies.

Playing Chicken With Hothouse Extinction

Playing Chicken With Hothouse Extinction — Obama’s Shameful Shell D...

... sometimes, as with fracking, as with other new pipeline construction, and as with the Shell Arctic drilling expedition, his policies cut against the grain of a necessarily rapid reduction in carbon emissions.




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