Climate change has caused an 89% decrease in new coral in the Gre...

Say, "Good Bye" to the Great Barrier Reef.

... baby coral in Australia's Great Barrier Reef have declined by 89% due to mass bleaching in 2016 and 2017.

Researchers studied adult and baby coral from 47 locations in various years from 1996 to 2016, then returned to the reef in 2018 to collect the same data. They found that a majority of the northern region's coral has not been able to recover following mass bleaching events, leading to a decline in new coral as well. 

... the biggest decline in replenishment came from the reef's dominant species of adult coral, called Acropora, which supports thousands of other species. It experienced a 93% drop compared to previous years.

Scientists expect the coral may recover over the next five to ten years — but only if another mass bleaching event doesn't occur during that time. That's unlikely given the current trajectory of climate change.

"It's highly unlikely that we could escape a fifth or sixth event in the coming decade,"...

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