Hurricane Harvey, We Yawn in your Direction

"Your state reps and senators, your governor, your congressmen and senators, the White House, no one said, “That’s it, we’re on a war footing now with a plan to:

* draw down cars,
* build a national rail infrastructure,
* in-build smart development,
* solarize and windify and hydrofit the nation’s energy systems and grid,
* tax the fuck out of petroleum products**,
* ban coal,
* tell the methane-fueled truth about “clean” natural gas,
* abandon development in the wetlands,
* mandatorily remove folks from vulnerable coastal towns,
* abolish plastics except for medical applications,
* offer incentives to insulate homes and buildings, and overall
* focus on the next iteration of our world, starting with a clean, green, economy."

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Joan, you could put a gun to some congresspersons' heads and they STILL wouldn't be able to think past the next quarterly P&L report or their own reelection efforts.  The sad fact of the matter is that we have a bunch of incompetent, uninformed citizens voting incompetent, uninformed citizens into office ... and until the standard for qualification for public office is vastly improved upon (by these same, incompetent, uninformed citizens!), the pattern will continue.

"At the moment, Hurricane Irma is poised to come right up the center of Florida like a big old rusty catheter."

. . . Climate denial already is a synonym for mass murder. The only question is the body count.

--Charles Pierce - As Scott Pruitt Denies, People Die

Priceless, Bertold, a catheter, for goodness sakes. That is Hurricane Irma! Charlie Pierce's great mind continues to pump out great stuff. 

Will it take another Great Depression and World War III to get the attention of voters and legislators?Sadly, climate change will get us before we have another chance.


FYI: I just rewatched An Inconvenient Truth and I mean to be on the lookout for its sequel whenever it shows up in the Cleveland area.  It pissed me off, too, because we've done so damned little since it was made about climate change and will do even less now because of Orange Julius.

Yuk - TOOEY!

 Joan, you are so brillant how could you possibly overlook the facts?

  "god" wills there to be fires in the north, and flooding in the south and the east.

  It would be against "gods will" to preserve the ecological systems he wants to destroy.

  It is our "sin" such as picking our noses on Tuesdays that has provoked the wrath of "god".

  We should be very happy and praising "god" for murdering people including babies for other peoples "sins".

  If we were to do our best to preserve our planet we would make it impossible for "god' to end the world.(cus we are more powerful than him I guess)

  The very best thing we could do is expend ALL of our aerosol cans into the air to emit cfc's, burn as much fossil fuels as possible and fire all firefighters etc.

  I would love to continue but I feel the need to do my part and pooh in the local farmers field.  

Compelledunbeliever, you are funny and sadly, an accurate reporter of dysfunctional beliefs. 

 I may have earned the reputation for being the resident satirist/smart ass. I have to find a way to laugh at the stupidity for fear of bottling it up and becoming a uni-bomber type character. I am happy to have given you a chuckle despite the seriousness of the matter at hand.

... we have no intention of changing even one thing about our lives or lifestyle in the face of Harvey’s unmistakable message.

Harvey’s message being, “Global warming is so going to kick your asses.”

We will change nothing.

I'm afraid this is on target, Joan.

... we have no intention of changing even one thing about our lives or lifestyle in the face of Harvey’s unmistakable message.

image source (text from The Climate Catastrophe We’re All Ignoring)

Lent says a "fundamental shift in our economic, social and political priorities could still prevent global catastrophe" but I don't see possibilities for such an awakening. It would require  the equivalent of a conversion experience.

This is sadly true; prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and hold onto a vision of the preferred outcome. 




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