While analyzing reactions to David Wallace-Wells' The Uninhabitable Earth, Adam Michael Krause sums up our situation: global plutocracy is incompatible with a sustainable future.

System Change or Extinction? Thoughts on “The Uninhabitable Earth”

The extractive imperialism and vast inequalities that help the rich stay rich are warming the globe and destroying our air, water, and agriculture. We cannot reduce emissions without taking their power away.

Fossil fuel barons and the politicians who enable them are hell-bent on making the most money for the fewest people (i.e., themselves) in the shortest time possible. Everything else is irrelevant and everyone else is a historical footnote.

Learning to inhabit a world of equals, free from borders and hatred, a world of mutual aid and an economics based on everyone’s survival rather than a few people’s wealth cannot be separated from the creation of an ecological society. In fact, this is a description of an ecological society. [emphasis mine, order changed]

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Vast inequalty now locked in courtesy of the US tax bill.

Global justice isn't a separate issue from species survival any more than a plant's root system is separate from the plant.

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