National Geographic Megastructures North Sea Wall

The Netherlands, where Sea levels rise in a country reclaimed from the sea. The Dutch built huge storm barriers; they need more protection to save the nation is a matter of survival. 

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While these megastructures are impressive from a human perspective, I'm not sanguine that they will work in the mid term. Kuwait's ambitious artificial island project was humbled by nature. With escalating sea level rise, my expectation is that these structures will also be inundated.

Even if we didn't have sea rise, those dreadful, ostentation designs are doomed to failure due to sea and air action. I will enjoy being able to say "I told you so!" to those overly wealthy oil barrons 

that these structures will also be inundated

I'm sure of that! Sometime in this century we'll ask the Germans and the Belgians to move over...

Sounds like a good plan! I have vivid memories of standing on the ground lower than boats floating by above me. Quite a disorienting thing for a visitor.  


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