North Pole Moves as Ice Sheets Melt

Well, of course, the North Pole shifts as ice sheets melt, and so do tectonic plates. Anyone who had taken physics or geology knows that if there is a change on one plate, other plates adjust. Simple laws of physics. No surprises for those who understand how the system works. 

As snow melts, weight goes off the poles and mountains and runs into the sea. Pressures shift, plates shift, waters rise, storms change, more water gets evaporated into the air, more clouds, more snow, more shifts in weights on plates, and chaos ensues. Who can predict what the new normal will be and who can control the outcome? We are as powerful as the butterfly flapping its wings. 

"Knowing the precise location of the North Pole has become a critical part of modern life. It's the foundation of GPS, which guides people with mapping apps, as well as military systems and planes."

Let's see the Senate and Congress try to change laws to prevent delays in planes caused by shifting GPS sightings and guidance systems. Mother Nature wins another one. 

Lost? Use your GPS! OOPPSS It doesn't work! 

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This is a flight pattern over USA on a typical day. Can you imagine if GPS shifts or goes down? 

Thanks for posting this, Joan. We normally don't think about climate change shifting the planet's orientation. Will climate change deniers "explain" why the north pole is now moving toward Greenland with woo?

I'd be more than a bit dubious of the "North Pole" impacting GPS operation.  The satellites are in well known and quantified orbits, and those haven't changed.  Nor has the actual axis of rotation of the Earth changed in any way (VERY damned unlikely).  What HAS changed is the Polar Ice Pack, due to melting, and since any anchor it has to terra firma is likely tenuous at best, sure, the ice is moving around.  Now if there is an instrument package associate with GPS at the North Pole and GPS functioning is dependent on the fixed location of that package, THEN you certainly have a problem.  Personally, I ain't so sure.

Oh, and something else to keep in mind: while US Air Traffic Control is attempting to convert over to GPS as a primary means of aircraft guidance, that hasn't happened yet, either.  The standard remains ground-based radar.

You make good sense. When I was at Cancer Care North West today, the computers were down and scheduling was all haywire. The equipment worked and we were able to get our exams, but oh, my goodness, it is a different world without office computers working. I assume there will be lots of redundancy built into aircraft guidance. 

Thanks for your assessment Loren. 




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