Preparing for climate change, the Ilocano way

Think preventing Climate Change is "to expensive"? We have a natural tendency to put current consumption above future safety. But wait, the future is here.

“More than 33 percent of our budget for engineering and infrastructure are not to move forward, to take steps toward development, but rather to repair and rehabilitate what has been ruined by one climate change disaster after another,” said Marcos. [emphasis mine]

Being penny wise and (future) pound foolish is coming back to haunt us. In the US, the sequester made cuts in the US Forest Service, with another wildfire season looming.

... the U.S. Forest Service may not be able to hire sufficient seasonal firefighters for the Southwest.

The unkindest cuts: Sequester cuts could affect firefighting, recre...

Of course this is an unfair comparison, because the Philippine government takes Climate Change seriously while the US is shooting itself in the foot, (and everybody else).

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