We need some board games and online games that connect the dots between reproductive choices, quality of life for children, and climate change!

For example, while players are pressured economically and socially to have more children, the more children born in a given round the worse the world for the children gets. Then in the second round the pressures mount on generation 2, and if they have even more children, the disasters get worse for generation 3, etc. Until the players find a way to negotiate so there are no free loaders having large families or the game ends in human extinction.

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This is a terrific idea.  Eminently doable, with all the data available.  Also, make sure every member of Congress gets a copy.  If the numbers so far are accurate, there is no winning - only surviving.  This will be harsh news for children (and members of Congress), who think that material benefits just appear and are free and inexhaustible.




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