This page has a sample letter to use, to email your college requesting it divest from fossil fuel.

Here is what we emailed to Temple University's President.

Dear Dr Englert

Climate change is accelerating. It’s been about a month since research showed that the most dire climate models are most accurate. Doha was a failure. The World Bank report and many other sources project escalating feedback unless we decarbonize as rapidly as possible. With business as usual we could see a 6 °C rise over the preindustrial average by the turn of the century. This is the same temperature range that wiped out 95% of species during the Permian Extinction.

As public pressure to confront climate change builds, we call on Temple University to immediately freeze any new investment in fossil-fuel companies, and to divest as soon as possible from direct ownership and from any commingled funds that include fossil-fuel public equities and corporate bonds. We believe such action on behalf of Temple University will not only be a sound decision for our institution’s financial portfolio, but also for the wellbeing of its current and future graduating classes, who deserve the opportunity to graduate without facing a future shredded by climate chaos.

We call upon you to join a growing movement of schools around the country that are committed to preventing a climate disaster by moving Temple’s endowment beyond fossil fuels.

If you are unfamiliar with the recent alarming news from climate science, David Roberts 15 minute TED Talk is a quick summary.

Thank you for your attention,

Ruth Anthony-Gardner and Bergen H. Woods (graduate school alumni)

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