Horray for Al Gore's uplifting speech speech!

Al Gore On Climate Change Crisis

Most Climate Destabilization news is depressing. Al Gore cheered me up.

Gore said there have been two game changers in the last few years that have turned the tide in the war we’re waging against climate change.The first, he said, is the frequency of historic climatic events and the obvious effects of climate change.  “Extremely hot days” are now 100x more prevalent than they were just a century ago. People are getting it, Gore said. Even the climate deniers are starting to become fewer and fewer and less and less vocal.
The other game-changing occurrence in recent years is clean technology. There are 79 countries where the cost of solar panels have dropped so much so that these countries have achieved grid parity with solar power.

...comparing solar to cell phone technology, Gore showed that AT&T did a study in 1990 which concluded that they should be able to sell 100,000 cell phones by 2000. The actual figure was over 100 million. Like cell phones, solar has an unstoppable quality to it.
Just like cell phone technology:

  • Solar costs have dropped,
  • solar quality has improved,
  • people have the capacity to make the decision (rather than the utility),
  • and the developing world is using solar as a leapfrog technology–rather than putting in power lines and centralized power, solar comes cheaper and faster

He concluded: “This is unstoppable!”

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