Some are thinking the unthinkable - it's gonna come regardless of what we do, better get ready.

The Global Warming Survival Kit

I wonder if we should start a SMALL nuclear war, and counter global warming with a nuclear winter.  Maybe just blow some nukes off over an ocean?  Nahhhh.

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It's my understanding that the mechanism for nuclear war causing nuclear winter is that the soot from the burning buildings and stuff shoots high enough to stay up for years. So bombs over the ocean wouldn't cause nuclear winter.

Thanks for the Survival Kit link. The two pot evaporation method of cooling sounds interesting.

I don't think I'll buy the book, though. I doubt the individual survival skills method will be very helpful for me when the shit hits the fan. Perhaps if one lived in an isolated mountain cabin far from the hazards of civilization-in-collapse. Or an island in the Pacific. In a major metropolitan area, I'll likely be living or dying with the other millions who depended on infrastructure which will be gone.

I was going to say we could nuke Indiana, but decided that despite a lot of hard feeling stemming from living there 5 years, some bitterenss, and some PTSD, it would be in bad taste.  Well, maybe we'll have to look at the bright side in case someone declares a nuclear war.  Interesting, bright side of nuclear war. Never thought I would say that. 


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