I bought this book when I got my groceries.

It's a special issue from Time Magazine.

Here's a website too that talks about Global Warming.

Can one person slow global warming? Actually, yes. You—along with scientists, businesses and governments—can create paths to cut carbon emissions. Here is our guide to some of the planet's best ideas.

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Steph, thank you for posting this link.  It's really helpful.  It reminded me of things I can do better.  I try, although there are things I could do better.  Sometimes I am stymied by social pressures.  My employer is definitely not going to raise the thermostat in the summer, or lower it in the winter.  They closed down an office close to my house, so I have a longer commute by car instead of a commute by bike - but the newer bulding has skylights, and switches that turn off the power if there is no motion for 10 minutes.  So it's a trade off.

I won't get away with being tie-less, and anyway that issue gets back to the heat.  I do have some ties from yard sales.  A fair amount of home clothes are from Good Will (not Good Samaritan, bigots that they are).  A fair amount of my furniture is from yard and estate sales.  My home office is about 3/4 2nd-hand.  

Oh - when we had to re-roof the house, we went for a "membrane" roof made from white plastic polymer, and an additional layer of insulation under the membrane.  The house is SO much cooler.  Plus, burning LED bulbs instead of incandescent, keeps it cooler too, so a double-plus in energy savings.  I save the old incandescents to heat the chicken house in the winter.

The more people talk to each other about it, and build a value system based on frugality, reuse, less ostentatious accoutrements, developing "I got this for $2 at Good Will" as a status symbol that is superior to "I paid $300 for this at Nordstrom", etc,the better off we will all be!

Thanks again Steph!

I actually buy things from Goodwill and Half Price Books. I try to do what I can to reuse things. Yeah I don't understand why people want clothes for $300 or a purse that cost $1,000 - it's insanity.
Your welcome Sentient!


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