Desiree Francis blog, from Pakistan, gives us a glimpse of on the ground reality in Pakistan.

Even though Pakistan lies among the 20 most vulnerable countries impacted by climate change, according to the Maplecroft Climate Change Vulnerabilities Index, most of us living here ... [think]... why should one be bothered to think about the climate which one has no control over.

People are more focused on "target killings, bombings, electricity crisis, dengue and polio issues..."

... we are the nation that believes in no population control, which is why the amount of water we have for irrigation or consumption per person annually (Per-capita surface-water availability) is projected to reach the “acute water shortage” level ie 1,000 cubic meters this year...

... global warming, which has led the recession of the Hindu Kush-Karakoram-Himalayan (HKH) glaciers, thus enhancing the risk of more water in the Indus. And our dams, which are silting increasingly, double the risk all the more.

For a country like Pakistan, where agriculture contributes 21 percent to the GDP, employs 45 per cent of the labour force and contributes 70 percent of the export earnings. Imagine what short term changes in climate and long-term climate change could do to our economy.

The increased temperatures in Jacobabad and Lahore which kill a few people don’t bother you right?

The ads they give on TV about switching of extra lights and fans sound just like the whole sermon ... “It won’t make a difference and there is no point in taking action,” my sister-in-law said to me ...

This sounds very similar to US attitudes. The only solution government urges is individual voluntary citizen conservation. There's no organized demand for industry to become Green. People feel that their personal efforts would be useless in the face of a planet-scale problem. While climate change problems approach crisis conditions, people focus on other dangers over which they feel more control.

All refuse responsibility, all face extinction. All avert their gaze from the real underlying cause, overpopulation. From many countries, we charge toward our doom shouting, "It's not my fault!"

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