My wife is a believing, church going Catholic (from Poland no less).
Writing that it feels like this group could become like an AA meeting :-) (not that I have experience with that)
Don't have much time now I'll answer your Compromise discussion later.

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My only experience with AA meetings are through the media, so I only have a vague idea what it involves...

Honestly, there really isn't much of a support system out there for mixed-religion couples. On a general (if not individual) level, the communities of each don't approve of mixed marriages, and it's hard to go to one or the other for counseling or marital support. For example, before my husband and I got married, we went to the rabbi of his synagogue for premarital counseling, but we only met for half and hour and he really didn't have much to say to either of us that was particularly useful. My husband's current rabbi is a nice wonderful guy (not the same one), very personable, good with kids, a decent speaker, but he has absolutely no idea what to do or think of me.

I can't say that my local atheist community isn't supportive and nice to my husband, but there's no one I can go to to commiserate about when I feel he is being excessively observant (usually one of the food-related things). The jews would say, "how dare you!" And the atheists would say, "well, that's what you get..." No sympathy whatsoever.... :P


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