Anybody ever heard of the Base Institute and/or Bob Cornuke?

I've been exchanging letters with a Dr. Tas Walker of Queensland who is also employed by Creation Ministries International and runs Tas (I don't like to call him Dr. cause he's such a f'n moron - besides, his PhD is in Mechanical Engineering not Geology) wrote a skeptical article about Noah's Ark's resting place in Iran as reported found by Bob Cornuke and fiends.

Bob Cornuke runs the Base Institute out of Monument. He claims to have found Mt. Sinai, Paul's shipwreck, Noah's Ark, and is hot on the trail of the AotC.

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He has a page on Wikipedia, but it may not be there much longer. The discussions page is an interesting read.
Well, Mount Sinai and an ancient ship are certainly more plausible than a magical sky man.
I found out a little more about him and his institution: If you question their findings you get threatened with lawsuits. They claim all of their emails to be copyrighted so you can't use them and use double-speak to try and confuse their questioners. I say "they" because Ken Durham did a lot of the "answering."

Not that I expected any serious answers anyway...




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