Hi fellow atheists and Coloradoans, 
Was wondering if anyone is interested in charitable work done in the name of secularism?  Are any of you already doing that in your community?  And have you heard of Secular Center?  

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Hi Colleen. I'm interested, though my time is stretched. What have you got?
Hi Jason,
Where do you live in CO? I'm in Steamboat Springs. I am just trying to get a feel for how many non-theists in CO might be interested in joining and volunteering on behalf of Noelle George's org called Secular Center USA. It is a fledgeling organization and needs volunteers/donations to really get off the ground. They are based in Houston but would like to ex;and all over the country helping non-theists organize and volunteer in their communities all while helping the image of atheists. Would you be interested in doing anything pertaining to Secular Center? I just met Noelle at the American Atheists conference in Newark and am very impressed with what she has accomplished so far with her org. Check out Secular Center here on Atheist Nexus and also online at secularcenterusa.org. Their also on fbook and twitter.
So VERY happy you responded even though you have limited time. Thank you!
Thanks Colleen! Looks good. We are currently attempting to revamp and get more organized here in the other "Springs." I would be interested in working with SCUSA, especially if there are experienced people to help set up events, etc. And by help I mean advise... Kinda hard to be everywhere, huh?
The Denver Atheists meetup group is starting an organization called Atheists for Humanity-sounds like what you're doing.
Throw me on that mailing list or however y'all communicate. I'd like to join in the action.
Atheists for Humanity is officially live at:

Atheists for Humanity dot org
Just checking them out now, from your mention of them!
I would definitely be interested in any volunteer work. I'm in the Denver metro area.  I am a member of the meetup.com Denver Atheists Group.  I thought volunteering though an 'adopt a highway' program would be a good way to start.  Not to mention, a sign with our name on it to promote a good reputation of atheists. Please contact me with any opportunities in the denver area :)



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