Victor Stenger, author of the best-seller "God: The Failed Hypothesis" and all-round Coloradan has written another book: "The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason"

Have you read it? Let everyone know what you thought about it.

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Now that I know the book exists I am on the list at the library, where it is on order. Thanks.
Jeez... he's on fire. I was in the middle of "G:TFH" with "Quantum Gods" still sitting unopened on my shelf when "The Greatest Show on Earth" was released. I felt compelled to switch to that. Looks like Victor will be getting more of my money soon. I absolutely love his writing, so far.
What town/city is Stenger in? I didn't know he was from CO.
I started G:TFH as well, but put it down. Now I can't remember why because it WAS really good.
Yeah. He lays out the logical arguments rather point blankly.
I'm reading that currently. It is enjoyable.
Boulder, or near there, I believe.
Thanks. Just curious. So anyone read Atlas Shrugged? I was told by a friend it's a must read in order to "know anything about anything". I downloaded it and the download took 30 HOURS! I haven't read anything Rand and want to know what all the fuss is about. The Objectivist philosophy and her fervent devotees etc... If you haven't read Jon Krakeur's (sp) Under the Banner of Heaven-do! That Mormonism is some crazy shit. Not any crazier than the rest of them I guess. But do you know about "peep stones" being part of the foundation of the Mormon religion? And they also believe Jesus "visited" the United States? If the story interwoven into the book wasn't so tragic, it would be a very funny (and frightening) book.
Yep. I've read "Atlas Shrugged" and "The Fountainhead" about 15 years ago. I considered myself an objectivist when I was 19 and to about 25. It's overrated. My philosophy cost me a family and some friends. I made a lot of money but was miserable. Capitalism is a central theme of objectivism. Capitalism can only lead to the separation of the rich from the poor when coupled with such a staunchly self interested philosophy. The books still are a very good read.

I'm getting ready to watch "September Dawn" right now. It's about the Mormon massacre of unarmed settlers on 9/11 of 1857.
I can give you my copies of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. They're not a bad read, actually. I would really encourage everyone to read them, act like an asshole for the next three weeks, and then realize that life is a lot richer than what Ayn Rand professes her ideal to be.
lmao. Summed up in one sentence... very nice!
I have read most of Ayn Rand's work. I think understanding Objectivism, while not a very good philosophy in itself, is an important step in coming to terms with your own personal philosophy. Her views take you to such an opposite end of thought that it forces you to see everything from a different perspective, which is a healthy exercise. If nothing else it will help you be able to relate to the hardcore capitalists a little better. The bottom line is that Atlas and Fountainhead are important literary works and should be read by everyone, in my opinion.




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