From Pharyngula, there appears to be a creationism conference scheduled in Castle Rock on October 30-31. Anyone planning to go?

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Hrm... I may have to pop down to Castle Rock for this one. It might be interesting to offer a summary of the conference complete with a direct refutation of creationism as it's presented.

Why does it have to be on Halloween? *pouts*

Yes, I'm going. I am Strangel on Pharyngula.

The conference I only $10 and $5 for us students. It ends at 3:30 so there's probably time to take the kids out for a good, godless, candy collecting evening if you live close. I think some Pharyngulites from Denver are planning on a protest however I'm always more interested in getting to ask the creationists questions and watch them talk around an explanation while their gears are burning and smoke is coming out of their little heads...

Damn... This just reminded me that I never posted my story about how Carl Baugh ended his ID conference after I asked my follow up question (without answering it). I think I have it saved somewhere.

Think I'll wear this shirt...

Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, and David Berlinski will make their presentations, and after the polite applause, neither you nor anybody else in the audience will have a clue as to what they were talking about. They cleverly disguise circular logic by redefining words, and injecting esoteric math and statistics. They obsfucate* and reference scientific justifications that simply do not exist. What? You’re not up on this new scientific study?
Don’t waste your time discussing anything you might hear from the “presenters” with any of the attendees. They are very confused. They have lost their faith (or don’t realize they never had it to begin with) and are now desperatly searching for an actual scientific explaination for what is essentially their own rejection of faith/religion. They will sit in the audience, and nod their heads in agreement that ID proves that God made them...and everything else for that matter. They will go home satisfied that better brains than theirs have just proven that ... well, proven it “all”.
I can’t imagine going to this "Intelligent Design creationism conference" with any intention in mind other than enjoying the sheer entertainment value of it, like watching the painful antics of a Punch and Judy show.
An opportunity to exercise your restraint muscle.
Glad there's a Colorado group.

*I’d sure like to know how to spell this word right.

Not my first rodeo Asa.

Besides being able to do a review of the conference, and hopefully get selected to ask a question, the most important thing is the attendees and the conversations with them. I never predetermine the personality or reasoning of anybody. We NEED to give these people a chance and an opportunity to listen to reason. Plant a seed - you don't even have to watch it grow. Not very satisfying but infinitely important.

My wife always asks me why I waste my time in discourse with creationists ( I rarely ever talk to other Atheists...). I think she understands the seed effect though.

We all know that Behe and the rest of those goons have chosen money as their new god so there is no getting them to admit anything. They will talk nonsense, I know. I'm not going for them.

It's only 10 bucks but even meeting for lunch there would be a good opportunity for all of us to shake hands.
thanks for "obfuscate"
I envy your optimism and your enthusiasm
Go for it and let us know how it went.
I believe that my last encounter with an ID proponent was the most frustrating experience I've ever had caused by someone other than myself. Thanks for going. Have a good time, and, like, be "nice".
Hehe... Thanks! I will. I do this everyday via "teh internets" but a convention is a rare opportunity to trap a bunch of them in one place! HAHAHA!

Being nice is the hardest part. One of the good things about actively educating (they call it debating) creationists over the last year or so is that I have learned a whole other side to patience that I didn't know existed.

Obvious willful ignorance still pisses me off though.

Either way there will be something to write about on the 1st of November...
Oh god (if only there was one), spare us.

Wild horses couldn't drag me to such an event. (Wild party girls maybe could do it though.)

I think I'll go hide in the mountains.
Probably not. It's close enough - I live up in Roxborough - but, um, I think someone volunteered me for a Halloween party that day.

Although, if it's in the afternoon, I might go. If I thought it was okay to take my kid, we'd all go.
Saw it on Pharyngula... Strangel, who is apparently Bryan, said he was getting some folks together here.

I'm thinking about attending.

I'm a student at the Academy, so I'd fit in with all the wingnuts.
That would be awesome if you would go. I can haul 7 of us in the mommy van. I noticed that the Secular Student Alliance has a group at the Academy; are you a part of it?

As for the Pharyngula group; there was some interest at first but it seems to have fizzled out. Guess there aren't too many of us that see an opportunity to combat educational terrorism. There still will be people going but it's hard to get a bunch of independent thinkers organized. We should really give an effort to break that mold...
I wish i could make it, but I live up by boulder and am a minor, so its not really an option. Oh well.
Maybe, where are you all meeting? I wouldn't go if it is just me.


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