Murray has been my best friend for many years. He is my black and tan cocker spanial. Tomorrow I will take him to the vet , hold his paw in my hand and  with his head in my lap I'll watch him drift away. 


My BEST friend,his name is Scott, has intestinal cancer. He had surgery which turned out well but there are cancer cells in his fat cells. He his currently going thourgh chemo. and very ill. My friend said this is it., if it doesn't work he won't do it again. "When the pain is too much, please help me go"


It is perfectly leagal for Murray to feel no more pain, but if Scott's treatment dosen't work he has no choice. 


What do tou think?

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I think it's up to Scott to decide and the religious right can feck off. Of course, the legality of it won't matter to Scott if he does make the decision. What do you think? He's your friend...


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