Pueblo councilman wants to keep prayer before meetings

Lindsay Watts


Sep 27, 2012



After a lawsuit threat from an atheist group, the city of Pueblo said it would get rid of the opening prayer at council meetings. But one council member says it's the wrong plan.


Pueblo city leaders said they would replace the invocation with a moment of silence after receiving a letter earlier this month from watchdog group The Freedom From Religion Foundation.


"We may need to improve our process and adapt so we are in compliance, and I think that's important," said council member Chris Nicoll. "But I don't want to do away with it completely." . . .


Nicoll said he believes an appropriate remedy is having a council member lead a non-denominational prayer. 


"I think there's a happy medium there, a compromise," said Nicoll. "Where we can still be in compliance and still continue to have an invocation at the beginning of our meetings."


He said he also plans on proposing that council start saying an opening prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance at work sessions in addition to at regular meetings. Nicoll said he's already spoken to some other council members and they seem open to his ideas. . . .

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      When the Government declares certain words to  be the  official Pledge of Allegiance, it means that to “officially” pledge one’s allegiance to one’s country, one acknowledges that our nation is “under god”.  To acknowledge that, of course,  means acknowledging the presumption of the  existence of god  . . . “officially”, of course.  There is also the glaring fact that our nation was established, exists, and operates under the Constitution.

     In addition, there is the “pledging to the flag” problem. Obviously, one is pledging to one’s country, so, why not simply say so?  In fact, there are some religious people that hold the belief that pledging to a symbol might verge on idolatry.

     I love my country, and I am more than willing to pledge my allegiance to it, but don’t make me, or anybody else, acknowledge the existence of something we don’t believe really exists, or commit ourselves to merely a symbol of the object of our real commitment.

      These examples seem to be such blatant violations of the establishment clause that there has to have been cases filed in court against this congressional over reach.

till then:

I pledge allegiance to the Republic of the United States of America, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.




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