I am curious what everyone here thinks about a few issues concerning the political divide in this nation...


1. Will the nearly even 50/50 divide between left and right in the US lead to bloodshed/rebellion and if so how far away do you think it is?


2. If bloodshed does erupt, will it be a Revolutionary War, a Civil War, or a hybrid of the two (or more)?


3. How close are you to being willing to raise arms against the Pelosi/Obama/Reid attempt at turning the US presidency into a dictatorship?



Me personally...


1. Absolutely and I believe that it is pretty much right around the corner

2. Definitely a hybrid of the two, with the black/white issue being a strong influence on the causes and course of the conflict

3. I will put my affairs in order right this very second and go to war at the slightest "spark".


Don't get me wrong...I by NO MEANS condone armed conflict of any kind, but sometimes it is necessary and this "Obamacare" bill has pushed me over the edge. I want health insurance and just became eligible for it at work...And I have signed up ($135.00/month just for me...ouch). However just out of principle alone I WILL NOT purchase health insurance or drop any I may have should this passed bill go into effect (2014 is it?). Second I will not pay so much as one penny in fines for disobeying the law. Last I will not be incarcerated for failure to obey the law and/or failure to pay the fine(s)...And of course the only way to avoid incarceration in the event of an attempt to incarcerate me by law enforcement is to fight it to the death. I do not want to die, but I am not afraid of it even if it is excruciating and long-lasting and I will not under ANY circumstances back down from attempt by law enforcement to force me into an unconstitutional action...In this case a mandated private business transaction. I've seen far too much intrusion into my personal life and affairs by our government (both left AND right) and I will no longer tolerate the slightest violation of my right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, including those already in place.


Liberals call me a "warmongerer" and I say that they are to a great extent quite correct. What they fail to understand is that they are the only ones responsible for my volativity and those they vote for are the only ones who have the power to make me back down and only by leaving me, my liberties, and my money the fuck alone! I am thoroughly convinced that my death will come far sooner than I was hoping but these hapless and misguided pricks will suffer enormous losses just taking this one man down...That or they will have to spend a rediculous amount of money and manpower on the weapons needed to do so.


Again, I do not want to see such a conflict arise, but I am so on the edge with these continuous violations of my personal soveriegnty!

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I don't think there will be an "armed conflict" between conservatives and progressives (socialists) which is initiated by conservatives.

Hopefully enough people have "woken up" and we'll be able to make corrections (i.e., elect non-progressives) in the next couple of election cycles. However, we may be past the "point of no return" -- there may be too many people (voters) that take more than they put in, and they may not be willing to vote for someone who will cut back on the entitlement spending.

What will the result be? Entitlement spending will continue to increase and our enconomy will really start to spiral downwards. Eventually the system won't be able to provide all that it promised, and I suspect it will be the "socialist pawns" who take up arms against the government that failed to provide them with the "womb to tomb" care which they believe is their "right" to have.

If the socialists do take up arms, then we will have to defend ourselves as well as our country.
Menuk I SO hope that I am grossly mistaken in my assertion that armed conflict between the left and right in the US is inevitable and imminent. Honestly I'm not concerned with socialst liberals taking up arms against capatilist conservatives...they are too cowardly and spineless to do so. My concern is that "progressive-rightists" such as myself will be the ones to take up arms against these socialist pussies in order to defend our basic liberties from their socialist agenda.
I think that open conflict is only a remote possibility. If the current situation is not remedied, I believe it will lead to open conflict, but we have at least ten years to correct it. There is a good chance it will be corrected this November, in which case we will have averted war by a good 10 years or so. Progressives may disagree with me on this point, but progressives have been disconnected from the global status quo for so long that they no longer seem to understand 'cause and effect'. There will be massive change, and soon, on entitlement spending, because unless we come up with some new way to make massive amounts of new money (possible yes, but not probable) then we could suffer the same dislocation the soviet union endured (and look what happened to them).

If violence were to break out, it would be a civil war with the intent of reestablishing the constitution as our basic document of law. Progressives view the constitution as a hindrance to their agenda, something that is irrelevant.

If anyone, Obama, Reid, Bush, Cheney, Joe, Jack or Jill were to come close to establishing a dictatorship here I would do everything in my power to stop them, including taking up arms. I don't think it will come to that, and quite honestly, I don't think the current ruling elite are competent enough to dismantle our system. In this regard I prefer to follow the advice of Napoleon: "Never interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake."

Progressives are the only people I know who think going backwards will take us forward: socialism, no nuclear power, no gm food, etc. The only similar criticism I can make of conservatives is their avoidance of stem cell research.



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