What are the formal definitions of Conservatism, Libertarianism, and Liberalism? What does it mean to be a Conservative, a Libertarian, or a Liberal?

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I currently don't appear to have the time, but will if I get some.  Go right ahead.  The more sources the better.

Which countries would you prefer get my money? Just curious.
And if Israel is nuked by Iran, should we sit around waiting for them to figure out how to get one here or defend them? Just curious.

If Iran nukes Israel, the weight of the world will come down on them, probably through the UN, Russian and Chinese vetoes notwithstanding.

Israel has already bombed Syria, however, with no consequences.

I'm curious what makes Israel special to an atheist conservative?

Israel a parliamentary style republic, have had the A Bomb for over two decades and have never used it despite constant threat of annihiliation, have been consistently attacked by their Muslim neighbors, have in large part been our best ally in the region (remember the scud missiles of the first gulf war, they did not join the coalition or respond with violence).


As for Syria, I weep, really I do (not). Their nuke plant was courtesy of North Korea (democracy and sanity's great friends).


The weight of the world lies largely in the hammer of the US military and little else. So, I guess, as the source of the weight of the world, we give Iran the mass martyrdom their government seeks. Watch out virgins, the twelfth Imam is coming home with a few million horny buddies.


Let me guess, you're voting for Ron Paul.



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