I admit that i haven't been following closely, but the whole thing disappoints me. I can't stand how conservatives get lumped in with the religious. I'm not sure what started this whole thing , "rahm emmanuel?" Both sides probably did things that were immature. I just can't identify with this crowd who is going to chik fil a to buy sandwiches to show support for family values. Frustrating. 

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I'm a conservative in Indiana.  Damian, are you in Chicago?  Isn't Rahm Emmanuel the liberal mayor of Chicago now?  I thought that he's Jewish, not Atheist.

The only way that these Chik-Fil-A buyers could impress me or Jesus would be if they bought several sandwiches for the starving or homeless.  Jesus said nothing about gays, but I think that Saint Paul or Saint Peter said something about marriage.

If you hate gay marriage, then don't marry a gay.  Problem solved!

If I want to marry a Hispanic woman over 21 and I'm 100% white and over 21, then it's nobody's business except her family's and my family's.  If 2 monogamous consenting gays over 21 want to get married then it's nobody's business except for the 2 families.  Every time that 2 monogamous gays marry, then it frees up 2 women who are more fish in the sea for me.

It's stupid that murderers Charles Manson, Scott Peterson, other murderers, and child molesters can get married in California, but monogamous gays and monogamous lesbians can't anymore in California because "It ruins the sanctity of marriage."  When do I get to vote on your marriage between one homophobe and one homophobe in California?

Wanda Sykes or somebody that I had heard on the radio at about the same time as Wanda Sykes said that there's some freaky stuff in The Bible because The Bible was written by men.  The Bible is against 2 men laying together, but says nothing about if it's wrong for 2 women laying together.  I suppose she could have said that there's nothing in The Bible against nudism, but maybe she wasn't thinking about it at the time.  The Bible was apparently written by freaky, perverted men who wanted threesomes with nudist lesbians!?

Gore Vidal died.  I've heard that he was a gay activist, an Atheist, and a Democrat.  I've heard that Jodie Foster is an Atheist lesbian.

In Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, or England, a lesbian activist said that she doesn't believe in God.  The response from people was, "Is it the god of the Catholics, or the god of the Protestants that you don't believe in?"

I'm in louisiana. I just heard that rahm started it by making a wisecrack about christians. Didn't look into it much. I wasn't sure of his religion. I actually have been trying to avoid the story.  This all seems so childish. I just feel that it pushes the secular conservatives away. Just tired of everyone saying if you are against chik fil a, then you are a flaming liberal. Total ignorance. 

I had forgotten to mention that there's no Chik-Fil-A in my city.  It wouldn't effect me whatsoever.

I think that Chik-Fil-A already worked with Focus on The Family or something like that.

I still have The 1998 TIME Almanac from my high school years.  It said that 87% of HIV and AIDS patients got it from heterosexual sex.  The rest were homosexual, bisexual, on needles, born with HIV, or etc.

A Youtube comedian impersonating a profane, cursing Chik-Fil-A spokesman says that Chik-Fil-A slaughters only heterosexual chickens: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJS2VSRMorM

Scientists isolate, ostracize, gay gene: http://www.theonion.com/search/?q=isolate%2C+ostracize

Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCzbNkyXO50

aahhh haaa, that guy in the first one is over the top. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this chick fil a bunch really believed this. 

I saw a link to this headline on Facebook and for a second I thought that it was a parody: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/07/chick-fil-as-vice-pres...

I always get scared when the political and media machines get together to crush something they don't agree with.  Sounds UN-American.  What if this were reversed.  Say a business leader said that Christians are the cause of America's decline.  Now imagine huge media backlash and boycotts trying to destroy the company.  We would all have serious problems with that.  So why aren't we defending Chic-Fil-A, even if we don't agree with the company's morals?  And why can't a private business, that built it's own success without government help, not be able to run itself the way it wants? 

I don't want it shut down, and i agree that private business owners can state their religious views, etc. People can boycott too. I just think it's unfortunate that this has played out this way. More division. I've seen these lines of people, and i just don't care for the righteous attitude. I can understand how this makes people mad and offended. Chick fil a won't be destroyed. This has given conservatives something to latch onto. If Chick Fil a wants to play this way, they have to take that risk. If a business says that xtians are the cause of America's decline, they either don't want christians business, or they make dumb business decisions. Who knows, this anti xtian business may have a boom in profit like Chick Fil a is having right now. 

My issue isn't necessarily the boycott itself.  Everyone has a right to buy the products they want, that's the free market.  I have an issue with the political machine blasting it all over tv, the internet, radio, and newspapers in order to rile people up and make it into a crusade.  The right disgusts me when they do it too.  But why are private businesses always the victims of politics.  It's political, ie government, money that is spinning this thing.  And why is it the carnal sin to not like a specific group of people?  Christians don't like homosexuals.  It's been that way for a couple of thousand years and it's not going to change.  So are we saying that Christians can't own businesses because of their faith?  Or maybe they just can't express their faith...  It's like the right when they make a big huff about a company sending money to planned parenthood.  They blast that all over the radio and before you know it you have a political mob swearing off Oreos.... 

I agree with you James - I think the politicians are just using the restaurant for their own motives and they need to stay out of the free market. Let the consumers decide.

I wholeheartedly support same-sex marriage but I sympathize with the people going to Chic-Fil a because I see the comments of people like Rahm as bullying. If he had simply said, "I'm not going to eat at Chic-Fil-a, I don't like what it's owner said about gay marriage," that would have been fine. But to suggest he would not allow any stores to open in the city because he doesn't like the politics of the owner of a business is outrageous.

How would the left act if a conservative mayor said he wouldn't allow a business in his city because he disliked the owner's politics. There would be non-stop protests and calls to the Justice Department.

I would certainly support Chik-Fil_a, because their free speech rights are being trampled on. Since there aren't any of their restaurants in this area, it's a moot point for me personally, of course.

I notice that most liberals claim to be in favor of the First Amendments protections of free speech - UNLESS, of course, said speech happens to disagree with their views.


I don't necessarily agree with the business owner's views - but that's irrelevant, because he has the absolute right to have and express them, and should not be punished for doing so.

I support gay marriage but trying to keep a business out of your town (especially elected officials trying this) because you disagree with their politics is bullying at its worst.

If there was a Chik-Fil-A in my neighborhood I'd go buy some food there just to spite the bullies.



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