What do you guys know about him?  I haven't researched him yet.

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Hi James - I'm just now trying to research him.

I'm starting with this




From the wiki description he seems to be a right leaning social and fiscal conservative.  Anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion and some birth control(he's Catholic), pro-small government to the extent that he even wanted to privatize social security.  He's against 'entitlement' programs and favors tax cuts for the higher wage earners and businesses, as well as eliminating certain taxes such as capital gains taxes.

He's basically your standard republican on everything.

Yeppers. Just the same.

I think he's a great choice.


I of course disagree with him on same-sex marraige but the Democratic party is so hostile to the free market that there is no way I can vote for them.


We have deficits over $1 trillion now and letting the Bush tax cuts expire would only bring in $680 billion over ten years, that's $68 billion a year. And this number is being parroted by those who want the tax cuts to expire. $68 billion is a drop in the bucket. We have to make real cuts and the Democrats are unwilling to do it.

Even if they got their tax hike does anyone seriously think they won't come up with at least $68 billion a year in new spending?

I don't know. I'm a fiscal conservative and have a mixed bag of opinions on social issues.  It seems to me that conservatives always talk small government, but end up expanding it instead.  Hopefully this time it'll be different but I haven't been all that impressed with our republican lead congress so far.  I still believe Prager's famous line, "The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen." Some of the stances that the right takes, simply because they're kissing the American Christian's ass, are asinine though.  And the Catholic position on birth control is the biggest load of crap I've ever heard.  I've always voted conservative and I probably will this time too.  Just hoping the right focuses more on economic policy and defense; and less on gay marriage, abortion, intelligent design, etc.

Anything the Republicans pass in the House to rein in government dies in the Senate. The best they can hope for until Obama is defeated and Harry Reid is made Minority Leader is to stem the tide. But the Tea Party caucus is growing in both Houses. Long time Republicans have been tossed out by the voters and replaced by fiscal conservatives who want to shrink government.

Will they succeed if Republicans take the Senate, White House and hold the House?

Who knows. There are no guarantees, but you can guarantee government will get way bigger if Obama wins.

If these guys disappoint after they win they should and I believe will be primaried in their next elections. So they have a reason to shrink government, if only to save their political behinds.

Just heard some clips of him saying laws come from god, etc. Frustrating. I just looked at the screen and said "no, no no, shut up, don't say that, etc." I just can't get excited about this election; it makes me sick. No choice, no voice. 

He's just playing to the crowd. I can't really get worked up about it. I certainly disagree with him on a couple issues, but I disagree with Obama/Biden on 95% of the issues.

He was a big fan of Ayn Rand in is younger days. This makes me think he may be a closet atheist. He learned that you need to appear to be religious and only slightly left or right of center to attain high office.

Just as Obama is probably a closet atheist and a disciple of Marx.

I don't think Ryan's an Atheist, but neither do I think he's theocrat-lite like some unfortunately are in the GOP. That doesn't mean there won't be church/state issues where he will come down on the wrong side of, but all-in-all I think he's a net-positive.



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