I've noticed that atheists typically enjoy alcohol at least as much as the general population. However, conservatives who are religious drink less on average.


Please, conservative atheists, give your thoughts on alcohol.

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I like it!
I drink, but I am careful not to drink too often, usually no more than twice a week. I also make sure not to drink so much that I get a hangover the next day.

Alcohol has been too ingrained in the culture to get rid of even if we wanted to. And yes if abused it can wreck your life, but I would not change the laws on alcohol.

Well I personally don't drink alcohol - but it's my choice and others are free to do as they please.
So that's my thoughts.

L'alcool au volant

L'alcool est les chiens pisse. Il s'agit d'une drogue mortelle. Il est généralement légal tandis que d'autres moins nocifs drogues récréatives sont illégales. L'alcool est ancré dans notre culture comme la religion. La prochaine génération sera le veux aussi.


I'm glad that in the US the legal drinking age is 21, delaying when you start drinking can lessen the chance of addiction.

My own answer is that I don't drink  and think it would be good if drinking were illegal. (For better or for worse, if that were phased in, people probably would turn to other substances rather than home-brew or smuggle as happened during Prohibition.) Recreational drinking is incompatible with my idea of clean, conservative living.

It's all about responsibility.

A lot of people can handle their alcohol, and behave responsibly. They should not be punished because some don't.

Many people won't become abusers of alcohol, but alcohol abuse is underreported. Also, there are subtle negative behaviors that alcohol often leads to, like casual sex. To me, the negatives so outweigh the positives that in theory getting rid of alcohol is clearly the right call.

Joe, my experience has persuaded me that casual sex is better without an alcohol precursor.

I drink very little - maybe one drink a month or less, on the average. Mainly because I don't care for the taste of it, and I don't like being drunk - it makes me stupid and slow-witted - why would I want that? 

I suppose the world would be a bit better place if alcohol didn't exist, but it does, so we'll just have to deal with it.  There's no way to get rid of it, so we'll have to work on teaching people how to avoid having it screw up their lives.



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