Capitalism as an economic policy is founded on the ideals of competition created by private ownership of goods and private production of goods.

Socialism is the distribution of shared or public resources based created by public production.

In the US, there is a combination of both systems which are constantly at odds with one another. Taxes are, of course, the issue but what if the government projects were required to operate as private businesses do?

Take for instance the water company. Where I live, I pay the city for service. I also pay the city for garbage collection and public transportation. What if we could run these projects as for profit - and share the profits back to residents in the form of tax breaks?

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Well what I think I'm seeing now is that we haven't had a lot of Capitalism but rather Corporatism. What we really need is a separation of business and state.
I agree with this sentiment wholeheartedly. It looks to me as though a significant chunk of the large corporate abuses stem from the state either directly or indirectly.
Yep. Check out Gabriel Kolko's "The Triumph of Conservatism". The 'Progressive Era' and the New Deal were just corporatist mercantalism with left-wing rhetoric, as many real Progressives (John T. Flynn) knew perfectly well.
Market anarchists will allow people to be socialists, but anarcho-socialists generally won't allow for property anarchism. The conflict is that some people (myself included) believe that private property is the absolute basis of all liberty and right; and most socialists hate that idea.
I'm a very strong Progressive and lefty, but I think communism is an incredibly stupid idea. I'm willing to let people cosign themselves to it - voluntarily - but they have about as much chance of success as a lead parachute.




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