Hi. I am a Libertarian and a staunch supporter of the free market system.

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Well then I'm glad you're here.
Radical libertarian anarchocapitalist here. Glad I'm not the only atheist out there who rejects both gods and governments! Check out my blog (which I need to update more often): nocoercion.com
Yay! Thanks for joining up!
I consider myself a moderate independent, leaning towards the liberal libertarian side.
I stumbled into this group because I'm not a socialist but I would definitely consider myself a freethinker. Honestly though, I have no idea what I am. The terms are all unfamiliar, as I came about all this stuff a little differently than I guess most of the rest of the Nexus folks.
Anyway, I'm Fruitloop. I know what I'm not, but I have no idea what I am. Hopefully I belong here.
Hi everyone!
I would say that if you favor voluntary, non-coercive human interaction and reject the initiation of force against others, you would fall under the libertarian category.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Glad to have you!
I'm glad you're here. A lot would be cleared up for you if you read a small book by Henry Hazlit called "Economics in One Lesson." It talks about how mixing socialism with captialism is doomed to....well I won't spoil it for you...:)
I'm an anarco-capitalist. The way that I see it, all of the economic, technological, and social progress that we have made since the dark ages is a result of the free market. If any system of social and economic organization can get us anywhere near utopia, it's a free market with no government to hold it back and leach off of it.





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