Hi. I am a Libertarian and a staunch supporter of the free market system.

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I may be a bit overly optimistic about the prospects of the anarco-capitalist system. I have been wrong before, but that's why we discuss these things. :)
Couldn't agree more.
I am fiscally conservative but socially liberaral. I like the idea of you being able to do anything you want as long as your activities don't infringe on others civil liberties or cost them thier tax dollars. I would like to cram Ben Franklin, Tom Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt into one coherent political idea.
I fear the Libertarian Party is a republican shell corporation as pointed out by Dan Carlyn. I mean Bob Barr for thier candidate, is his platform to undo everything he did as a republican? Who's next Libby Gore for Free Speach Advocacy?
I know, I can't seem to get excited about Barr. And the Libertarian party should go back to its Jeffersonian naturalism roots.
Yeah, I'm kind of a junkie too, but instead of being excited by democracy and politics, I'm disgusted by it. I have no tolerance for a system of legalized tyranny in which one group oppresses another and calls it the "will of the people" whether it's a democracy or a dictatorship--both are thoroughly repugnant and offensive to me and clearly violate our natural rights. But I know not everyone hear sees things that way.
Every time a big election comes up, everyone asks me who I'm going to vote for. This presents a huge problem for me and here it is in a nut shell:

I believe that every adult should be given enough rope to hang himself with. As supposedly free people, we deserve the opportunity to prove our stupidity. I love my guns. Without the right to defend your life, especially from a tyrannical gov't, all other rights are meaningless. I am a small gov't fiscal conservative. In fact, if any of the lip service paid to helping American families and fighting terrorism were true, the IRS would no longer exist. I also believe in a strong military. That does mean actually supporting the military, not just the corporations who hold the military contracts.

Here's where it gets crazy. I also have this wild notion that homosexuals and women, even those that have had or may have an abortion, are also human beings and should be treated as such. Just as the gov't has no business knowing how much money I made or what I choose to spend it on, they also have no business in my bedroom or in any other room I'm in while I get my swerve on. Every so often, maybe a couple times a year, I do like to roll a fatty, share it with a few friends, and chill under the stars in my back yard with a little Pink Floyd. Apparently, that makes me a threat to society.

I don't think we really need to get into my feelings about religion and politics. That should be a given considering the venue. Health care and education? Don't get me started. We'll be here all day. Let's just say that the horrendous cluster%#&! that we've made out of both makes me actually consider things that are at odds with my free market philosophy.

So, having said all that, who the hell am I going to vote for?

Every time this discussion takes place, the response I get is "Well, why don't you run for office then?" I then have to remind them that I just told them I am a pot smoking atheist gun nut who wants to dismantle the IRS. Sheep don't pull the lever for guys like me.
Amen! So glad to have you here!

I would categorize myself as a very socially liberal, pro-market libertarian and freethinker. I disowned the catholic faith as a teen when I figured out it existed to manipulate the poor/ignorant and enslave women. Liberty is inherent, it doesn't come from any god, and it sure as **** doesn't come from any government!




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