Hey everyone! How do you think Obama's doing so far? Can't wait to hear back from you.

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Hmmm, how's Obama doing so far?

Well in my opinion, not at all well!

He has escalated the war in Afghanistan, escalated the saber rattling towards Iran, and escalated the decline of our economy.

I am longing for the good old days of Bill Clinton and blow jobs! At least back then I could laugh about what was happening.
BTW, WELCOME BACK!!! I missed you!
Well, I moved back to Portland, OR. so I have been neglecting my group again.

I agree with your assessment Habman. Two sides of the same coin. I loved how The Daily Show juxtaposed speeches from Obama and Bush and they were saying the same things! How short term are people's memories?? Just because he SOUNDS less like a hillbilly doesn't mean he's all that different.




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