We are in crisis. 

We joined this group not for fun or hobby (hobby of keeping quiet?).

Our ultimate goal is to save ourselves and our children from religions (including Marxism). I think we can achieve our goal without much cost or sacrifice. If we do not, we will be revolutionized by others.     


I have posted many articles. I hope some people would be interested in my postings and help me with my English because I want to have my book published.

Do I hope too much? Am I too radical?  

I am thinking of having my book published through creativespace.com. This company publishes any kind of book at a small fee as long as the manuscript is ready to print.


If any of you think my manuscript deserves publication, please give me some help. I hope some members can help me as a team. I will reward the helpers after my book is published though I cannot afford right now. You can reach me at brianahn1@gmail.com. Any kind of help, comment, critique, suggestion, or ideas are welcome. Thanks.  


I prefer the term deism/deist to atheism/atheist. I believe in the greatness and mystery of the universe. I think the universe and all things in it as god or gods (see Part II of my manuscript).  Atheism is void in meaning. There are all kinds of bullshit philosophers among atheists. Atheism, which is void in meaning, cannot be our philosophy. How do you think?


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