I would say that God sent mothers to this world as his representatives because he is too busy out there to take care of all things in the universe. Had he not sent mothers to this world, he should do all the jobs of giving birth to billions of humans and taking care of all of them, especially helpless newborn babies who cry and wet their bottoms any time any moment.  


I do not think God is as much attentive and kind as to feed babies or change their diapers or give flu shots to babies.  (God is certainly not fond of these care-intensive jobs.)  So I would say mothers are the actual or acting Gods who do the jobs of re-creating and maintaining humanity. 


No wonder many ancient people had worshipped mother goddesses before Moses introduced patriarchal monotheistic god whose character was punishing, retaliatory, or terrible. Mosaic god is described as “terrible God” (Deuteronomy 7: 21), “Jealous God” (Exodus 20: 5; 34: 14), and “God of vengeance” (Romans 12: 19-21).  


Ancient people in Mesopotamia worshipped Ishtar as the goddess of love and maternity. Ancient Egyptians worshipped Isis as mother goddess.  

Ancient Geeks identified Aphrodite with Ishtar. Romans worshipped Venus as mother god. These mother goddesses were usually modeled as a young woman with her son in her arms or on her lap.


After Romans accepted Christianity, they turned their traditional goddess Venus  to Mary and they worshipped Mary as the equivalent of Venus.  Catholics say that mother Mary is more tolerant and forgiving than patriarchal God; so they believe praying Mary is more easier way to receive God’s grace.  They mean that Mary sees it that God be generous toward sinners. Protestants criticize Catholics' Mary worship as heresy.


In the previous chapter—“Causality (What happened to the First Cause?)” –I said that we are all products (effects) of the First Cause or the first universe and that  all causes change or disappear eventually after they produce effect(s). 


My logic is that parents are the closest cause among all causes that have helped us to exist in this world. 


First cause (first universe) → second cause →  …→  parents


I prove that the First Cause does not exist today any more due to the first law of causality—“No cause lasts forever without change.”  Parents die; grand parents died. Great grand parents died.  Great-great-grand parents died→ …..  Therefore the First Cause no longer exist.


Theoretically and practically, parents are our closest cause.  Cause and god and parents are the synonyms in my point of view.  (Hello readers, is it not a cool philosophy? We need a decent philosophy if we are to improve our world.)


Moses also taught that God was the father who gave birth to Israelites (Deuteronomy 32: 6).  But there are many stories in the Bible that prove that Moses’  god was not true parent of man.  Among others, Moses’ god swore that if Israelites did not love him, he would let his people eat the flesh of their children (Leviticus 26; 29; Deuteronomy 28: 53, 57).


Leviticus 26: 29   (If ye walk contrary unto me) Then I will walk contrary unto you also in fury; and I, even I, will chastise seven times for your sins.

Leviticus 26: 30   And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.


We remember that Solomon’s trial in which he discerned the true mother from false mother by testing the maternal love of mother (1 Kings 3: 16-28).   No true parent swears at her/his children as terribly as Mosaic God did.    


Though both parents are our gods, we usually feel that mother’s love is warmer, sweeter, dearer and more forgiving than that of fathers.   

In the case of most animals, mothers’ roles are more prominent and crucial than that of  fathers for the survival of offspring. This is also true in many cases of humans.  In any event, I would say parents’ love is the love of true God.  There is no truer love than the love of parents.


If a little child asks her/his parents a bar of candy or chocolate or a toy, most parents buy him/her these by all means. 

Both mothers and fathers are gods. All living things come to this world through parents. Parents are gods.  Every time I watch humans and animals love and take care of their babies, I confirm in my heart that they (parents and babies) are all gods!


I do not mean only biological parents are gods.  Any one who helps us exist in this world are our god. There are many step parents, foster parents, and grand parents whose love is as much great as or even greater than that of biological parents.


I do not have children of my own. But every time I recollect how my mother and father loved me in spite of my weak point, I realize that parents’ love for their children is god’s love.   


Religionists say that humans are the sinners or servants of God. Do not believe them.  Listen to children calling their parents; “Mommy!” “Mom!” “Daddy!”… These are not the sound of sinners calling their judge. These are not the sound of servants calling their masters. These are the sounds little gods call their parent gods.  I am a parents-children watcher. They never make me bored.    


Some readers might think that parents are not perfect and not almighty and therefore parents are not gods.  The idea that god should be perfect (all-knowing and all-powerful) is what religionists invented.  There are no perfect things in this world.  Even though parents’ love is not perfect, the imperfect love of parents for their children is incomparably greater and nobler than the perfect indifference of the almighty god of religionists.


Parents need not have guilty feeling for their imperfectness. Children are quite flexible and resilient. Most children overcome imperfect upbringing. 


It is true that many parents or children fail for various reasons. But, parents are not wholly responsible for their failure. Failed children may come from almost perfect parents while successful children may come from imperfect parents. Life is so unpredictable.  


Imperfection and unpredictability are the nature of all things. There are no perfect things under the sun or above the sun. The universe itself is not perfect. The orbits of celestial bodies are not perfect; they change over time. Many of them collide with other celestial bodies. No heavenly bodies last forever without change. Stars age and die.  


My parents’ love always live in my mind, though both of them have passed away. I love my parents even more because they were imperfect persons.  The reason parents’ love is great is not because they are perfect persons but because they are not perfect persons. If parents are perfect, their love and toil for their children would not be that great. If parents were perfect, it would be a peace of cake to love and take care of their children. 


I know many other parents who were/are wiser and abler than my parents. But I would not exchange my parents with any one or anything, even with the whole world.  Parents are the universe for his children. The reason parents love their children is not that that their children are perfect.  They love their children even if their children are of blemish. (Let us not talk about exceptions here.) Many parents love their childern with blemish more than normal and healthy children. 


Parents-children relation is god-children relation.  Sadly, many parents-children relations fail for various known or unknown reasons. All we human can and should do is to do our best. I think we need to study and learn more of how to become better parents and better children. 


When children are young, their parents are their whole world and universe; children depend completely on their parents. Children love their parents.  But as children grow up and become adolescents, they begin to see that their parents are not perfect, and they may hate or quarrel with their parents.  But if they (children) grow more and become adults and marry and have their own children, they begin to realize the greatness of their parents and embrace the imperfection of their parents.


Parents become old and weak. Now it is children’s turn to understand the weakness of their parents and take good care of them.   Some children live with their old parents serving and taking good care of their old parents. That is very good. But many children in modern societies do not or cannot live with their parents.  Yet still they can be good children by calling up or visiting their parents regularly and take care of their old parents.   


If one takes good care of his/her parent, he/she is a person of character.   We can trust such person in all matter. 


Religionists go to church or temple to serve their god to be happy and blessed.  But the right way for children to be blessed and happy is to come to see their old and lonely parent(s) who always want to hear and see their children. For parents there are no better happiness than see their children live happy. So one of the good methods of returning parents’ love is to live happy and successful life. If one love his/her parents, sky god would not punish him/her for not coming to church. Loving one's parent is to love all causes that have sent us to this world.


Choe In-Ho, one of my favorite South Korean writers, relates a short but impressive episode concerning the way of finding God (parent) in his popular five-volume  novel entitled The Way of a  Merchant (商道*). 

[* Koreans use many Chinese characters. 商道 is "상도" in Korean, pronounces as shang-doe, means merchant's way.] 

Based on my memory, the episode is summed up as follows:


A young man left his house, leaving his old mother behind, in order to find Buddha and serve Him to be blessed and earn eternal happiness. But before long, the young man became penniless, his clothes and shoes were tattered, and he became very hungry and thirsty and tired.  But he still could not find Buddha.


Then one day he met an old man on the road.  So he asked the old man about the way to meet Buddha and serve him. Then the old man said to the young man: “Young man, go back to your house and meet your old mother who is waiting for you and praying for you all day long everyday at the leaning gate of your old little hut. She is your true Buddha.  Return to her, and love her with all your heart and serve her with all your might. That is the way you become truly blessed and happy forever.


The term “Buddha” in the above episode can be translated into God as well. The above story is not the main theme of Choe’s book. It is only a small episode in the long and wonderful story. This book is worth being translated into many languages and read by many people.   


A home is the place where true gods (parents) and their beloved children dwell.  One’s home is his/her true church and the kingdom.


If parents realize that they are gods of their children and that there is no other god or supervisor in this whole world who would take care of their children, such parents will do their best to love and take care of their children. Most parents do so of course. It is wise for parents not to rely on sky god. Such parents understand that not only their children but also other children of other parents are also very important and precious ones.


If children realize that their parents are their gods, such children will respect not only their parents but also all other parents of other children. Such children will never go astray or follow false parents (devils) even if they are coerced to do so.  (For a reference, religionists’ god is always in neurotic or paranoiac state for fear that humans would follow or bow to other gods.)  


A single-person family or childless home is also a church because each person is already a god or a temple of god. Even if parents have passed away and do not exist physically, they are always living in the hearts of their children. So a single person is not a single person. Every human is a church, kingdom, and little universe. Therefore, one should love and take good care of his/her body and mind.  Self-love is not bad thing. We need to learn how to love ourselves.


Treating oneself with nice food, nice clothes, good books, or nice trip sometimes, if not always, is a method of self-love; these are to please our parents and make them happy at the same time.  Nice sex with partners or masturbation, if partners are not available, is to love oneself and also to love our parents.  Wise and good parents do not mind our sexual activity as long as we are happy and safe and do not harm others.


Sadly, many humans neglect or abuse their own churches (bodies). Food abuse, drug abuse, ideological or philosophical abuse, etc. are sins and crimes against one’s own church and parents and the ultimate parent—the universe. 


Keeping one’s own body and mind as healthy, wise, able, and happy as possible is the foremost commandment for every human. This commandment is what all parents want their children to keep.  Loving and taking care of oneself the right way is to love one’s own parents, all ancestors, and universe.  Parents (God) and myself are the same body.


Some children may think their old parents are in their way, and their happiness is impeded due to their old parents. But let us think again. What is happiness?  Happiness is to help our loved ones and see they become happy because of our love for them.  I would recommend young people to find their partners who can love and respect their parents-in-law as much as their biological parents.  Such a person will never fail as a life-long partner.


Parents die and return to nature. But their children can still love and please their parents; that is the children keep their bodies and minds healthy and wise and happy. 


What parents want most of their children is to see their children become healthy and happy and get along well with others.  In this way we can love and comfort our parents regardless of whether they still live or have passed away. 


Becoming a parent is to become a god. It is not a casual job. Each person should be careful and responsible in becoming a parent. 


Why do living things produce babies and love them? That is to achieve eternal survival on this earth, the true heaven.  So children are the extension of parents. The love for one’s own children is a kind of self-love.  


But not all of us need to become parents.  It is also the law of nature that not all individuals become parents.  Yet we humans can achieve eternal contribution by producing valuable things or knowledge.  Producing useful or beautiful art works, music, knowledge, invention, etc. is to achieve eternal living because our coming generations will appreciate these works and remember the authors of such great works. 


We humans are not mere dust or cluster of matter.  We are gods.  There is no big brother in the sky who would save us.  It is our job to save us.  


Our job while we live in this world is to help people grasp better truth and better philosophy.  We are in a crisis and this crisis can be an opportunity to make improvement.   



Brian Ahn  (brianahn1@gmail.com)

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Wow that was an intense and interesting treatise brian.  You and my friend Random would get along really well I think. Have you ever heard the quote " In the eyes of a child mother and father are god ." ?  This reflects your premise almost exactly.  Well done and seeming well researched.  




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